New Products

ProductCodeFormRetail PriceDate Created
Magnesium Bisglycinate with Malic AcidR872160 Capsules£21.8804/02/2020
Zinc BisglycinateNE001120 Capsules£16.1304/02/2020

Reformulated Products

ProductCodeRetail PriceNotes
Dynamic Performance DrinkR454£63.92New Improved Formula

Products we no longer stock

ProductCodeReasonProduct SubstituteCode
BacteriaCleanseT261Contains ingredients classed as 'Novel Foods'Spectrum ARR606
Essential Multi with IronR171Forms of minerals not allowedEssential MultiR716
DGL ComplexP438Label does not conform with UK/EU LawDynamic GI IntegrityR325
Dynamic BCAA Lemon LimeR165Discontinued ProductDynamic BCAA Strawberry KiwiR164
DHA Liquid OmegaCA100Label does not conform with UK/EU LawOmega Pure DHA 500R162
E-TocoP798Label does not conform with UK/EU Law
VegyzymeP957Label does not conform with UK/EU LawDigestive VegetarianR712

Product name changes

ProductCodeNew product nameCode
Brain RestoreR152Brain NutrientsR152
Chondro JointaideR149CChondro Botanical ComplexR149C
Crave CurbR100Cogni BalanceR100
Dynamic FibreR710Dynamic Prebio FibreR710
Estro BalanceR127Female BalanceR127
Magnesium GlycinateR872Magnesium Bisglycinate with Malic AcidR872
Prostate SupportR918Saw Palmetto Advanced ComplexR918