Digestive Vegetarian

180 Capsules

Comprehensive Enzyme Blend for Digestion Support

The development of digestive issues typically stems from environmental, physical, or cellular factors: poor dietary choices, ageing, stressful lifestyles, or food intolerances. Inadequate digestive processing of enzymes may lead to indigestion, malabsorption of nutrients, and/or food intolerances with a wide variety of symptoms.Digestive Vegetarian is a comprehensive blend of 11 non-animal derived enzymes that support proper digestion and absorption of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, lactose, sucrose, cellulose, and maltose. Since each type of nutrient category requires their own specific enzyme to break down and properly digest, it is critical to use a broad spectrum supplement.

Clinical evidence shows supplementation with Digestive Vegetarian may:

• Support efficient and effective digestion and absorption of nutrients
• Promote healthy digestion of nutrients
• Promote healthy digestion of macromolecules