90 Capsules

Support for Stomach Health
Pyloristat is a comprehensive stomach health and immune supporting formula containing a mastic gum blend, ginger root extract, bismuth, and berberine. Pyloristat can help support a healthy stomach environment by promoting healthy gut bacteria balance and antioxidant activity.

The mastic gum blend in Pyloristat is comprised of Pistacia lentiscus resin extract along with gut health-promoting prebiotics like inulin. Pistacia lentiscus has been shown to support a healthy gastrointestinal environment. Pyloristat also contains berberine sulphate, a natural phytochemical that has been shown to support a healthy stomach environment.

Moreover, Pyloristat contains bismuth, a mineral/transition metal to support healthy stomach mucosa. Pyloristat is rounded out with ginger root extract powder which has antioxidant and immune support benefits thanks to its gingerol content.